Monday, July 4, 2011

Table 2011 - Demo / Ruff Mix

Greetings, thrillseekers. I have decided to meet the overwhelming disinterest in my shenanigans - musical or otherwise - with this latest Demo / Ruff mix. I am putting together an EP over the summer with the latest version of The Table. PLAY LOUD

UPDATE: Removed this demo 


  1. Planking is the new dance craze - a worthy successor to Do The Standing Still methinks. Minor adjustments to 'Planking's' lyrics have been undertaken and it's all set to go. I should be recording it this August along with probably 3 out of 4 of the following gems, depending on which ones make the cut:

    Real Gone
    Flowers of Hope
    Affairs Are for Squares
    Suck It Up

    All are especially friggin' awesome, especially Suck It Up.

  2. Tracks are coming together nicely. Affairs Are For Squares has been replaced by J.E.R.S.E.Y, so it'll be a 5 track release. Maybe I can get russ to do vocals. Anyone wanna hear work in progress of any of the others?

  3. Bloody hell Tony! I go to sleep for six months and you get all interweb-active. I for one want to hear more, more, more.