Thursday, May 26, 2011

Musical Mayhem 2?

This is a demo by The Table circa 1979/80


Russell Young - Vocals, Bass
Tony Barnes - Rhythm Guitar
Tim Cox - Lead Guitar
Richard Rae - Percussion

Written By Russell Young

Not great audio quality as from a cassette likely to be a few generations down the line. Possibly this has resulted in it sounding slightly speeded up as well....

Thanks to Haze for sending a cd of demos from that period. I appear to play on a fair few tracks. Maybe we'll showcase some more, but they are demos after all, raw material for a producer / record company to take on board. Sadly for the future of rock music of course we couldn't find any. So much for the legend of us being wilfully obscure!

Let us know your thoughts, people!

Concerning The Fight Between God & The Devil


  1. "The Demo Tapes - Remastered Edition"? ;-)

  2. Would love to hear the rest of these!!!!

    Acute Records